Why you NEED a coordinator

Hello busy bees! Today we are going to cover an important topic: hiring a coordinator. You probably think I’m biased on this issue, but my intentions are to help you get the most out of your event.

Believe it or not, I have been the DIY bride-to-be. I loved the idea of doing everything myself while dodging the extra cost of hiring a planner. BIG mistake. I had no idea what normal vendor prices were, or what venue amenities actually mattered, or how to keep track of all of my contacts and payments. And then there were the hours upon hours I spent! I don’t know how much time I lost just looking up vendors and reviews and comparing pricing to make sure I wasn’t getting ripped off. I could have spent that time getting a bridal tan and planning my honeymoon. An event planner keeps track of all of that stuff! What else do we do? Depending on if you hire a full service planner or day of coordinator, there are a number of perks you will gain by spending the extra money.

– Budgeting. Some planners (like me!) include budget management in their services. This will help give you a breakdown of where your money goes and how you can ideally stay within that limit.

– Venue shopping. Your planner will know most of the venues in your desired location and can narrow down which ones have your aesthetic, budget, and amenities in mind. We can schedule tours for you at your favorite picks and even find discounted days!

– Vendor contracting. Coordinators should know the local vendors. Like actually KNOW them, not the social media version that couples see. There are so many amazing and talented individuals that I personally have worked with. On the other hand, there are the vendors who don’t have the same standards. They might be overpriced, unprofessional, or fashionably late on your event day. I personally hate to see people taken advantage of by bad vendors and try to only recommend those who I know will make your day perfect.

– Lastly, details! Do you know how to create an accurate timeline for your event day? Does anyone happen to have a sewing kit or a loose button? Who tells your bridal party when to start walking down the aisle, and to what music? Who finds the most romantic and photographer friendly spot for your engagement? How do the toasts start? There are so many details that are forgotten in the grand scheme of things, but not if you have a coordinator keeping track of it all!

There are so many more things to list that simply can’t be put into one endless blog post. I would urge you readers to schedule a consultation with any coordinator of your choosing. Most consultations (like mine!) are free and can be as brief or as detailed as you need to make a comfortable decision with hiring a coordinator.

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